About OR HaSulam Online

Or HaSulam Online is a comprehensive platform based on cutting-edge digital technology for advanced study and cross-referencing of the Kabbalah. The platforms main goal is to allow unparalleled access to authentic kabalistic texts with hyperlink features, connecting all parts of the kabbalah to all other relevant sections within the Wisdom and to all other aspects of the Torah - Talmud, Midrash, The Bible and all relevant commentaries. It includes the published and unpublished writings of The Ari- Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, The Zohar, Baal HaSulam (Rabbi Ashlag), and most of his student writings. The database is updated frequently and additional sources will be added in the near future, including the Ramchal - Rabbi Moshe Luzzatto, The Ramak - Rabbi Moshe Kodervero and the Rashash-Rabbi Shalom Sharabi.

The Or HaSulam Online main features:

  • Advanced Search Options: Several advanced ways to search the database such as morphology, searching through selected resources, indexes, or navigating through subjects.
  • Glossary of Kabbalistic Terminology - a complete glossary of Kabbalistic terms that allows users to understand the most important words and Kabbalistic definitions.
  • Subject index of kabalistic concepts with full explanations in the original wording of the author.
  • Online Library: Zohar, Zohar Sulam, the writings of The Ari, Rabbi Ashlag and many others. The project presents a complete library of both Rabbi Ashlag’s published and unpublished works.
  • Video and Audio Library: In order to make Rabbi Ashlag’s works more comprehensive, Or Hasulam Online also includes a rich and constantly expanding library of video and audio lessons.
  • Bookstore: The Bookstore allows users to order directly from the website printed, digital books and videos.

About The Ashlag Heritage Foundation

The Ashlag Heritage Foundation is the organization behind the creation of this unique database. Or HaSulam was founded as an answer to the need to reach a comprehensive understanding of the Kabbalah and especially the teachings of The Ari-Rabbi Yitzchak Luria and Rabbi Ashlag. Dedicated to disseminating genuine Kabbalah to all interested parties, regardless of their background, the Or HaSulam study platform presents a unique pathway into the depths of Kabalistic knowledge. The hyperlinked encyclopedia of kabalistic concepts as well as the glossary and dictionary of kabalistic definitions allows the student to reach a fuller understanding of seemingly abstract ideas. The array of tools included in Or HaSulam help rabbis, academics, researchers and motivated students in accessing the depths of Kabbalah, thus enhancing their kabalistic knowledge and research resources. Designed to fit institutional needs - The database allows accessibility to universities and academic institutes, including student’s use off campus. The project was developed with CDI System’s online publishing platform. For further information, please contact us.

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